Our story

Right after her graduation, Maud (one of our co-founders) followed her dream to see the world and started working at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Perfect story, happy ending, you’d say… But due to the Corona Virus, being amongst many other first year employees, she had to leave the airline due to budget cuts.

Going back a few months, while Maud was enjoying her last months traveling the world with KLM, before the Corona outbreak escalated, the airline made their cabin personal wear face masks. The masks provided were cheap, uncomfortable and didn’t match with any other outfit than Maud’s KLM uniform. As a fashion forward young woman this was something that annoyed her and that’s where the idea originated to create a brand of face masks that would be made out of quality materials, fit comfortably and above all fit with more outfits than your standard KLM blue working attire. 

A while later, when Maud had to leave KLM due to the spread of the Corona outbreak, she wanted to explore her mission to solve the problem of finding an ideal face mask for herself. This was hard given the fact that most brands focus on either cheap masks, or a limited selection of prints. She decided to create it herself! She reached out to Timo (co-founder), who immediately bought into the idea. Together they reached out to friends Bart and Hans (you guessed it, the other co-founders) to bring some more experience on the team.

What started as a shattered dream, continued in a new passion project. Our mission is to create comfortable and quality masks for every outfit and for every season. The first collection is online, designed in Amsterdam, made in Poland and for all of you to wear comfortably and in style.